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Beltina.org includes plenty of helpful information about health, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals and simples which might help as alternative (home) treatment for diseases and health problems. Part of the encyclopedia is a disease dictionary including not only recommendation how to prevent each disease but also its initial symptoms, causes and useful advices about treatment for given illness.

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Immunoablation and Bone Marrow Transplantation

What is Immunoablation and Cancer, Leukemia and Bone Marrow Transplantation The therapeutic destruction of the body’s IMMUNE RESPONSE, typically to prepare for BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION or STEM CELL transplantation. Immunoablation is usually a step in the treatment process for certain cancers and AUTOIMMUNE

Capillary Beds - definition and function

Capillary Beds - definition and function

Capillary Beds are the meshlike network of arterioles and venules, the body’s tiniest BLOOD vessels, where OXYGEN–CARBON DIOXIDE EXCHANGE takes place. Arterial pressure forces blood into the capillary beds. Erythrocytes (red blood cells) carry oxygen and other NUTRIENTS to the capillary beds, where these

Major histocompatability complex (MHC) - class I, II, III

The group of genes, located on CHROMOSOME 6, that determine the HUMAN LEUKOCYTE ANTIGENS (HLAS) the body’s cells carry on their cell membranes. HLAs are unique proteins that cell membranes display to identify themselves to the IMMUNE SYSTEM. There are three types of MHC: Class I MHC encodes the HLAs that all

Bladder - what is, definition, function, diseases and urination

Bladder - what is, definition, function, diseases and urination

What is Bladder and Definition A muscular, saclike structure in the lower pelvis that serves as a reservoir for the URINE the KIDNEYS produce. In women the bladder is in front of and slightly below the UTERUS. During PREGNANCY the expanding uterus limits the bladder’s ability to expand, accounting for the

Cervical cancer - what is, symptoms, causes and treatment

What is Cervical Cancer A malignant (cancerous) tumor that originates in a woman’s CERVIX. The cervix is a thick neck of tissue that joins the VAGINA and the UTERUS. INFECTION with the HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS (HPV) accounts for nearly all cervical cancer, though only about 15 of the 100 or so strains of HPV are



What is Breathing and Definition Breathing is the process of drawing air into and expelling air from the LUNGS, also called pulmonary respiration. Specialized centers in the brainstem regulate the rate and rhythm of respiration to harmonize breathing with HEART RATE and BLOOD PRESSURE. Breathing occurs through the

Testicles - definition and function

What are Testicles, definition and function The paired male organs, also called the male gonads, that produce SPERM and ANDROGENS, notably TESTOSTERONE. Each egg-shaped testicle is about two inches long and an inch in diameter. A man’s testicles may be slightly different from each other in size. The testicles